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I’m an experienced trade show magician that can attract & entertain exhibit attendees while delivering your message in a powerful, professional manner.

When you hire me as your trade show magician, you’ll see more traffic to your booth – resulting in more qualified leads, and more business.

Why Hire a Trade Show Magician?

There are a lot of ways to bring people to your booth, but as a trade show magician I can attract crowds, deliver your company’s message, and prequalify leads all while generating buzz and excitement.

I’ll perform amazing trade show magic that will stop traffic at your booth. Once I’ve gathered a crowd, I’ll weave your marketing message into my act. When the magic is over, you’ll see people come into your booth who genuinely want to learn more about doing business with your company.



A Good Trade Show Magician Can…

Attract Crowds

Trade show magicians are always a hit on the exhibit floor. My magic will stop people in their tracts and get them interested in your company.

Educate, Entertain & Inform

I can customize my scripting to incorporate your products or services into my magic. Booth visitors will learn why they should do business with you.

Pre-Qualify Leads

Not everyone who stops by your booth is a potential customer or client. My magic will separate the quality leads from the rest.

Increase Follow-up Opportunities

After my performance, I’ll send the prospects to your booth staff. They’ll already know about your products and services, so you’ll know that they are truly interested.

Create Buzz & Excitement

Magic appeals to all ages and backgrounds. With a trade show magician, you don’t need a large booth to have a large presence on the trade show floor.


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Advantages of My Trade Show Magic

Fits Almost Any Booth

My show works just fine in a 10′ by 10′ booth. All I need is three square feet facing the aisle. Save the rest of the space for the attendees!


Trade show magician services are well within most budgets. There’s no extra staff needed, and no costly booth redesigns.

Your Company is the Star

I’ll incorporate your marketing message into my magic. This is custom scripting that addresses the concerns and desires of your customers.


Trade Shows Make Magic