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Do you own or manage a restaurant or bar?

Then this will interest you.



Benefits of having a Magician:

  • Attract new customers
  • Adds more value to the experience for the customers
  • Increases return customers
  • Keeps customers happy while waiting for a table
  • Helps fill time due to kitchen delays


Don Z can be that little “extra” that makes your establishment Extraordinary!

Don is an expert in giving intimate table-side performances to individuals or small groups of people for a personalized feel, using original routines, mind reading, and close-up illusions utilizing everyday objects, that can even be borrowed from guests. No stage needed! He is also very experienced in the hospitality industry, customer service, promoting and marketing.


Don Z’s Restaurant Magic goes beyond just entertaining. The full service includes:

  • Customer Acquisition, Satisfaction, and Retention techniques.
  • Social media marketing and promoting.
  • Special event promotions and management.
  • Ongoing Branding and Business Development.

This service is limited to a select few. Click the button for more info.

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